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More than 90,000 DWI related arrests are made in New York State every year. They can happen to almost anyone and can result in serious fines, dramatically increased insurance rates, loss of driving privileges and even jail or prison sentences. They are offenses that prosecutors and courts take very seriously and anyone charged with a DWI offense needs to be sure that they are represented by an attorney that understands one of the most intricate and complicated areas of DWI criminal defense practice.

Defending people charged with alcohol related offenses is a very specific area of criminal law. Effective defense of DUI related charges sometimes involves seeking the best possible "plea agreement" with the District Attorney's office. Other times, it may mean taking the charges to a trial. Whatever the situation, an attorney that understands both the law and the science of determining whether an individual is intoxicated, how that was determined by the police and whether proper procedures were followed, often determines the outcome of a case. 


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Most people never imagine that they will be arrested and charged with a crime and assume that anyone who is arrested must be a criminal. The truth is that anyone can be arrested. A mistaken identification, a misunderstanding or dispute with the police or another party, even simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can lead to being taken into custody by the police and charged with an offense. Being arrested can be one of the scariest moments in anyone's life. Suddenly your liberty is taken away and you may face the prospect of months or years of incarceration. The whole criminal adjudication process is both intimidating and confusing.

In New York State there are a variety of possible alcohol related vehicle offenses. Which offense is charged is determined by the "Blood Alcohol Content" (BAC) of the person arrested and whether or not they have had previous convictions for alcohol related motor vehicle offenses. In cases where a party, other than the intoxicated driver, is injured or killed very serious criminal charges may be filed, including reckless murder.

Driving While Intoxicated In New York State (DWI & DUI) 

Dealing with the power of the State to arrest and prosecute you isn't something that anyone should try to deal with on their own. More important than any other factor, who you retain as a lawyer to defend you can determine how likely you are to have your case fairly and completely adjudicated. Fortunately, in the United States and particularly in New York State, the law provides you with a broad range of rights and protections that are designed to assure that the State does not abuse its tremendous police powers. Asserting and protecting all of these rights is the job of your attorney (for more information on your rights click here). Choosing an attorney who will aggressively assert your rights, listen to you and make sure that all the facts associated with the case are investigated is critical to minimizing the risk you will be convicted of an offense.


Whether you need a criminal defense attorney for help with a DWI or DUI, misdemeanor or felony, or a traffic ticket; I am committed to providing my clients with the knowledge, integrity and skill they need to fully protect their interests, and doing so at a reasonable fee.  My office handles criminal defense throughout the low Hudson Valley including Orange County, Ulster County, Sullivan County, Putnam County and Dutchess .  -Glenn W. Magnell, Esq.

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